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B for bad cinema: aesthetics, politics and cultural value

Paracinema is a movement that has grown up around sleazy, excessive, or poorly executed B-movies. It has seen a counter-cultural increase in all forms of cinematic trash or ‘badfilm.’ In many internet and print sources devoted to the celebration of paracinema, the term B-movie has come to mean almost anything: disreputable and unworthy movies, low-budget exploitation movies, straight to TV or video movies, and even big-budget studio movies.

B for BAD cinema provided an opportunity for international film scholars, critics and filmmakers to present their thoughts on badfilm. Particular focus was given to the following themes:


15-17 April 2009


Monash University, Clayton campus, Victoria


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Invited speakers


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Conference party

Thursday 16 April 2009, The Order of Melbourne

Publication outcomes

Conference publication outcomes included:


B for bad cinema enquiries