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Globalisation and postcolonial writing: an Australia-India exchange

Globalisation has changed the world into a unpredictable, blended space. New combinations and confrontations radically challenge our understanding and representations. The conference Globalisation and Postcolonial writing: an Australia-India exchange recognised that Australian, Indian and Austral-Indian cross-cultural studies are areas of serious academic engagement. It provided a space for academic and creative exchange on globalisation as addressed in postcolonial literary, visual, performance and cultural studies. The conference presented a series of celebratory events marking the completion of 150 years of Calcutta University.


7-9 February 2006


University of Calcutta, Alipore Campus, Kolkata


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Keynote speakers

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Conference dinner

Publication outcomes

A special edition of Meanjin was dedicated to the conference. It was be co-edited by Ian Britain (General Editor, Meanjin) and Chandani Lokuge. The advisory committee of this issue included Jennifer Strauss, Sanjukta Dasgupta and Tapati Gupta.