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Negotiating the sacred v: governing the family

Negotiating the Sacred was the fifth and final in a series of multi-faith and cross disciplinary conferecens exploring various religious and multicultural societies. The conference series began at the Centre for Cross Cultural Research, Australian National University (ANU) in 2003.


14 & 15 August 2008


Monash University, Japanese Studies Centre Auditorium, Clayton campus, Clayton


Keynote speakers

Invited speakers


Negotiating the Sacred V: Governing the Family abstracts PDF Icon 149 kb


Titles of papers link directly to mp3 files. If you require a transcription for accessibility purposes please contact the School of English, Communications and Performance Studies.

Speaker Title of paper mp3 file size
Gary Bouma Religion and governing the family Podcast icon14.2 mb
Lori Beaman Religious diversity and family matters: Polygamy and the limits of the law Podcast icon39.8 mb
Siobhan McHugh Marrying out: Catholic/Protestant unions in Australia 1920s-70s Podcast icon20 mb
Chandran Kukathas Do children have interests? Podcast icon35 mb
John Bradley ‘The things we dare to presume’ Family, identity and country Podcast icon17.3 mb


Negotiating the Sacred V: Governing the Family enquiries


Dr Elizabeth Burns Coleman, Monash University