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Investigator/Narrator: Uncovering Narrative in Critical Inquiry

The 2012 ECPS Postgraduate Colloquium

29-30 November 2012
Elizabeth Burchill Rooms
Performing Arts Centre (Building 68)

Painting: Saint Jerome

Far from being concerned solely with recorded facts and observable phenomena, academic research shares with literature and drama a desire to understand the world through forms of narrative that tell us who we are and explore the worlds in which we live.

The ECPS Postgraduate Colloquium for 2012, Investigator/Narrator, invites contributions from postgraduate students across all ECPS disciplines to share the narratives they have uncovered, or are themselves creating through their own form of critical inquiry.

Keynote Speakers

Associate Professor Angela Ndalianis
Taking it to the Streets: Dramatic Play and Transmedia Storytelling

Dr Chris Worth
Fictional Exits: Narrative and Problem Solving


Download the program for the colloquium here.

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