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Things to consider when selecting units

Do you want to study a language?

Take a diploma alongside you degree

Study units at another university

Do you plan to transfer your course?

Units that require permission

Do you want to study a language?

You can start from the very beginning. If you have previous experience in a language, you can continue to develop your expertise in the language at a level appropriate to you.

Make sure you refer to the areas of study entry for your chosen language as this will show you the various language entry points.

Language placement tests

If you have previously studied the language, either formally at school, or informally, you are required to undergo a placement test. These are organised by the School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics.


Take a diploma alongside your degree

Our undergraduate diplomas allow you to pursue an interest in an area of study from Monash Arts concurrently with a degree at Monash or another Australian institution.

Diplomas are available in almost every area of study. It is the equivalent of a full major (8 units), and generally adds a further year to the length of studies.

Further information is available here: Arts undergraduate diplomas

Note: Unfortunately, because our diplomas are offered on a part-time basis they are not available to international student visa holders.

Study units at another university

Complementary Studies is when you study units at another Australian university as part of your Monash degree. You can do this if the unit is not offered by the Faculty of Arts at Monash in a particular semester.

Please visit the complementary studies website for further information.

Do you plan to transfer courses?

Many students begin their first degree with the intention of transferring to another. It is also possible to apply for a campus transfer in the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts (Global) and Bachelor of Arts (International).

Transfer to a double degree

Make sure you check both the course outline for your current degree and the double degree to which you intend to transfer.  

If you intend to transfer to a double degree and want to take units from another faculty, you should note that you may not receive full credit for units completed. For example, if you completed a marketing unit in the Bachelor of Arts and then transferred to the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws you would not receive credit for the marketing unit in the double degree course.

When can you transfer?

It will depend on the managing faculty; make sure you speak to them about transferring. Remember the course outline tells you which faculty manages your course.  You must complete a minimum of 12 credit points to apply to transfer and you may also have to achieve a certain average grade.

More information

Arts course and campus transfers

University transfer information  

Units that require permission

A small number of Arts units require permission to enrol because place numbers are limited. You cannot enrol in these units online.

Find out which units require permission here: Units that require authorisation

How to enrol in a unit requiring permission

To enrol in a unit that requires authorisation you must complete an enrolment amendment form (available at the faculty office on your home campus) and have it signed by the relevant school/faculty.

Once you have been authorised to study one of these units, your enrolment will be processed by a member of the Arts Student Services team.

We recommend you enrol in the other units you intend to study online by the enrolment deadline. You will be able to add the unit requiring permission after the deadline.


Important Dates

You must ensure you are aware of the key dates at Monash University. Strict penalties will apply if you miss important deadlines.