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Choose your units

What is a unit?

Units are like subjects and they make up the different areas of study (disciplines).

A unit will usually run for a single semester and is worth 6 credit points. There are some units worth 12 credit points and these are offered at later year levels.

Undergraduate units are offered at either first, second or third-year level. 

What units should you choose?

You need to decide on which areas of study  you are interested in and which individual units within those areas you want to enrol in.

Think about what you’re good at, what you enjoy doing and what your career goals are. 

Make sure you have checked your course map for compulsory units and areas of study. 

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Where to find unit information

Unit information is included in the University Handbook. This easiest way to browse for units offered by the Faculty of Arts is by using the areas of study section. Each entry includes a list of units that count towards that particular area of study.

If you click on a unit, you can read the unit synopsis and find out other important things such as which semester the unit is offered in and on which campus. Units with a red band are offered by the Faculty of Arts.

Understand unit codes

Each unit has a unique code that you will need to enter when you enrol.

Every unit code is made up of three letters and four numbers: the letters ‘ATS’ show the unit is taught by the Faculty of Arts at undergraduate level, the first number indicates the year level it is offered in and the remaining digits are the subject code.


ATS1304 Contemporary television studies
ATS = Arts undergraduate unit
1  = First-year unit
304 = The subject code

ATS3536 Alternatives in film and television
ATS = Arts undergraduate unit
3  = Third-year unit
536 = The subject code

How many units should you choose?

Enrol in eight units in total: 4 units in semester 1 and 4 units in semester 2. *

Start your degree in semester two

Enrol in four units for semester 2. *

*Based on a standard full-time enrolment. To find out about studying part-time see study load.

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