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Find out about your course

Image of course outline in the University Handbook
This is what a course outline looks like. The red
band shows that the course is managed by the
Faculty of Arts

What is a course?

A course is a defined period of study leading to a tertiary qualification.

There are a number of different types of Arts course. They vary in the length of time they run for and how they are structured. However, the thing they share in common is that they all consist of units, or subjects, that are worth a certain number of points each (usually 6).

As a first-time student you will be known as an ‘undergraduate student’.

The University Handbook

The rules and requirements for each course are outlined in the University Handbook. This is also where we list the areas of study and subjects we offer.

We recommend you bookmark the Faculty of Arts section, available here. It contains important information about the Faculty of Arts and provides useful links to course, areas of study and unit information that you will need to refer to complete your enrolment. . 

Read your course outline

Your course outline  describes what you must study in order to qualify to graduate. It lists your course requirements and includes details of any compulsory units or areas of study.

Note: Throughout your time at Monash you will refer to the course outline in the edition of the University Handbook of the year you first enrolled.

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