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Structuring your degree

Core Arts component

An Arts degree is made up of a major, a minor, a first-year sequence and 2 additional Arts units. This is the core Arts component and is two-thirds of the total course requirements for single degree students, and the sole requirement for double degree students.

This component is chosen from the areas of study offered by the Faculty of Arts.

Specialist degrees

In specialist degrees the core Arts component is typically chosen from specific areas of study. It is common for these degrees to include compulsory units.

For example, in the Bachelor of Arts (Global) a student must major in International studies and study a compulsory Global studies unit as part of the core Arts component.

In some specialist degrees the Arts component will include additional requirements. For example, the Bachelor of Music single degree requires a student to complete core Music units.

Check your course map for details of the core Arts component for your specialist degree.

Elective component

A special feature of most single degrees is that you can study units from another faculty such as Business or Science. The number of elective units available varies between degrees.

For example, in the Bachelor of Arts a student can study 48 points of elective units and this is typically enough space to complete a major from another faculty.  By contrast the Bachelor of Arts (Languages) includes a maximum of 24 points of electives. Again you must check your course map to find out exactly how many elective units are available.

Your elective component can be used to study additional Arts units.

Double degree students

If you are enrolling in a double degree you are not permitted to take units from another faculty as part of the Arts component of your degree. The reason you can complete two degrees in such a relatively short period of time is because the elective component is waived. You are left to complete only the core requirements for each degree.

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