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University of Alaska Fairbanks

Artic Transitions in the Land Atmosphere System (ATLAS)


Science support and logistical services to scientists funded for work in the Arctic and the ATLAS project.

Arctic Region Climate System Model (ArcSYM)

ArcSYM has been developed for studies of ocean-ice-atmosphere and land-atmosphere interactions.

Bearing Sea Impact Study

A study of the consequences of climate change for Alaska and the Bering Sea Region.

Center for Global Change and Arctic System Research

Cold Regions Research and Engineering Labs

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that addresses the problems and opportunities unique to the world's cold regions.

Institute of Arctic Biology

General IAB page at the University of Alaska Fairbanks

Land Atmosphere Ice Interactions (LAII)

Science management office at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Mesoscale Meteorology Group - GI

High-latitude meteorology has its own set of interesting mesoscale phenomena.

NCAR Atmosphere Technology Division

They provide reliable atmospheric observing systems for purposes of climate and weather research worldwide.

Spatial Ecology Laboratory

Examines how changes in land cover can cause changes in ecosystem carbon storage at high latitudes.

Snow, Ice, and Permafrost Group

Snow, ice, and permafrost research at the Geophysical Institute.

Tundra Ecosystem Analysis and Mapping Laboratory (TEAML)

Scientific research group dedicated to understanding arctic and alpine tundra ecosystems. Part of the Alaska Geobotany Center.

University of Alaska Fairbanks

General page for the University of Alaska Fairbanks

Water and Environmental Research Centre

Scientific and engineering studies related to
water resources and environmental quality.