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Council, 2000 THE PEOPLE

University of Alaska Fairbanks

Artic Transitions in the Land Atmosphere System (ATLAS)


People photos 2000

Click on photos for enlarged image:
Ian McHugh Crossing a creek on
the way to the shrub site
The Council2000 crew in June Ominous signs of bears
Group ascent of Council Mountain Group photo after soccer match Jason Beringer running up council mountain
Chris Wendt from Monash University (Stunned!!) Ian McHugh (monash University)
with some inspiration
Johannes Dietz (Germany) awesome contributor
A dip in Niukluk River The main Council house in 2000 The other house
Henry Titus at home in White Mountain First ascent of Council Mountain in 2000 with the Bues  
Nigel Tapper (Monash University) with gas analyser in hand Terry Chapin (project leader and guru) up the flux tower