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Transitions: A Study of the Spatial and Temporal Transitions of Climate and Ecosystems in the Circumpolar Arctic

Of all the terrestrial climate processes and feedbacks, those that most directly affect Arctic climate on seasonal to decadal time scales are associated with the partitioning of the energy and moisture budgets and the relationship of this partitioning to vegetation cover, snow cover, snow melt, permafrost conditions, precipitation and radiative fluxes. This proposal takes a comprehensive approach to study of the land surface energy and moisture budget, involving both data collection, detailed data analysis, model development, and spatial and temporal extrapolation. As such, this project represents a new approach to interdisciplinary research, in which the field program, both ecological and physical, is closely tied to the simulation of ecosystems and climate systems.
Our proposed work is driven by the hypothesis that the transition regions of Arctic climate and ecosystems (e.g. polar front, boreal forest treeline) have surface energy budget characteristics that are not well understood, and that these characteristics have profound implications for changed ecosystem, permafrost, snow and atmospheric circulation distributions under a changing climate. In order to produce credible predictions of these distributions for the entire Arctic, it is necessary to investigate these characteristics, determine parameterizations for their efficient modelling, and incorporate these new parameterizations into spatially explicit predictive models. To do this, we will employ a hierarchy of modelling approaches, including highly detailed stand-alone permafrost, vegetation and land surface models, column atmospheric models, vegetation dynamics models and regional and global climate system models.


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