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Successful Applicants for AEUIFAI Fellowships

The inaugural Fellow (1997) was Iona Annett, a PhD student in political science at Melbourne University.

The first Fellow of the second round was Cecilia Hewlett, a PhD candidate in the Department of History, Monash University. (1998)

Following her to the EUI (1998) was Catherine Welch (PhD candidate, Department of Marketing, University of Western Sydney, MA in European Studies, Monash University), and Lorand Bartels (PhD candidate, Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales). Dr Peter Gahan (Lecturer, School of Industrial Relations and Organizational Behaviour, University of New South Wales) took up his position in mid-1999. Other successful applicants have been Michael Longo (PhD candidate, School of Law, Faculty of Business and Law, Victoria University) an Steven Slaughter (PhD candidate, Department of Politics, School of Political and Social Inquiry, Monash University), both of whom took up their fellowships in 2000.

The next fellowship was awarded in 2004. Matthew Killingsworth, a PhD student in the Department of Politics at the University of Melbourne and who teaches at Monash, pursued research which challenged the idea that civil society played an important role in the collapse of the Communist regimes in the former Czechoslovakia, the former East Germany and Poland in 1989.

The 2005 Fellow, Kasia Lach, was a PhD student in the Department of Law, University of Melbourne. Her thesis is on 'The contemporary notion of state sovereignty and the EU' examines the recent evolution of the concept of state sovereignty in Central and Eastern Europe, using the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland as case studies.

In 2006 the Postgraduate Fellow was Adam Berryman, who is pursuing a PhD at the University of Melbourne on the effects of immigration policy on immigrants' potential to be incorporated into their host societies and is built around a case study of Italy, with a specific focus on the growing Muslim minorities in several Italian cities.

The 2007 Postdoctoral Fellow was Dr Natalie Doyle from the School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics, Monash University.The Postgraduate Fellows for 2007 were Anna Welch (The Melbourne College of Divinity) and Liudmila Liudmila Kirpichenko (Monash University). Dr Adelina Modesti (La Trobe University) was the Postdoctoral Fellowship in the first half of 2008.

In 2008 both Postgraduate Fellows were from The University of Melbourne: Margherita Materia from CERC and Camille La Brooy, a PhD candidate in the School of Political Science, Criminology and Sociology. The 2008-09 Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr Rosa Salzberg, has her Masters from the University of Melbourne, has taught in the School of Historical Studies at The University of Melbourne, and successfully defended her PhD thesis at the University of London. Her research project is entitled: 'In the streets, on the road: Peddlers of cheap print and performance in cinquecento Florence and Venice'. She will be mentored by Professor Anthony Molho.

The awardees in 2009 were Vivian Gerrand (Historical studies, University of Melbourne) and Jonathan Kuyper (Monash University and the Australian National University). The 2009-10 Postdoctoral Fellow is Dr Emma Hutchison (University of Queensland).

All Fellows are elected to belong to a particular department at the EUI and are appointed a supervisor. At the same time, they are encouraged to approach professorial staff in other departments, as well as visiting professors. For instance, Iona Annett had Prof. Renaud Dehousse as her supervisor but also benefited from discussions with Prof. Risse-Kappen. She chose to attend the seminars in European law (Dehousse), international relations theory (Risse-Kappen), competition law (Prof. Giuliano Amato) and comparative political methodology (Prof. Stefano Bartolini).

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