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The Pacific War, 1941-5: Heritage, Legacies, Culture

The Pacific War5-7 December 2011

Monash University (Caulfield Campus), Melbourne, Australia

In anticipation of the seventieth anniversary of Pearl Harbour, this conference will explore the heritage, legacy and cultural impact of war between Japan and the Allied Powers. The Pacific War was a conflict played out, for the most part, in the colonial territories of Britain, the Netherlands, the United States and Australia, and in Thailand and China. Hailed variously as the death knell of European colonial power in the region, the fulfilment of age-old European fears of Asian power, the rise of nationalist and independence movements in the Asia-Pacific, the nadir of Japanese imperialism and the dawn of the nuclear age, the Pacific War is a pivot point in the twentieth-century history of the region. This conference aims to bring together scholars working on the cultural, social and political implications of the Pacific War, and to stimulate debate about the war’s impact, legacies and continuing resonances.

Keynote Speakers

DATE       SPEAKER           TOPIC              

Monday 05 December

Professor Jay Winter
Filming War
Tuesday 06 December Professor Janet Watson
A Sideshow to the War in Europe": Nation, Empire, and British Commemoration of the Pacific War
Wednesday 07 December   Associate Professor Paula Hamilton
The Pacific war and the memorial Imagination in Australia



Papers will explore the following themes: -





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Image  Courtesy: Clare Wilkinson [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons /wiki/File%3ARoll_of_Honour%2C_Australian_War_Memorial_(1658815267).jpg