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Australian Indigenous Studies

Why study Australian Indigenous Studies?

Some people study Australian Indigenous studies because they want to know more about the historical, social and political aspects of Australian Indigenous society, while others are interested in current issues and debates on matters of national importance such as land rights and reconciliation.  The major will provide an understanding of the relationships between Indigenous Australians and the dominant society, as well as provide students with a sound knowledge and sensitivity to work in Aboriginal communities.

The study program covers topics such as:

  • Australian Indigenous societies
  • issues in Aboriginal education
  • art
  • literature
  • politics
  • human rights
  • Indigenous women and international issues

Where can it lead?

Career opportunities include:

  • Work in Indigenous organisations – government, non-government and community
  • Cultural heritage officer
  • Eco-tourism industry
  • Ministerial advisor
  • Research officer

A major in Indigenous Studies gives graduates a flexible, portable degree which can be applied to areas specific to Indigenous people and their communities, and to a wide range of employment opportunities that value cross-cultural and communication skills.

What degree?

Meet the Head of the Discipline

Ms Robyn Heckenberg

Meet Senior Lecturer

Dr Andrew Gunstone (17.55 Kb)

Want to know more?

Monash University Handbook 2011



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