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Communications, English and Writing

Why study Communications?

Communications is at the very heart of modern life. We live in a technological world which allows us to connect instantly, around the clock and around the globe. The new and dynamic ways of communicating means more of daily life is carried out through technologies and with this comes issues of power, politics, community and self-awareness. Communications is designed to give students the skills needed to describe and analyse how a democratic society connects through both ‘traditional’ and ‘new’ forms of communication and to encourage students to become more self-empowered and politically aware.

Where can it lead?

Career opportunities include:

  • Government Media Advisor
  • Researcher
  • Policy Development
  • Public Relations
  • Journalism
  • Advertising

Employers today seek graduates who are multi-skilled and flexible in what they can bring to the workplace and because Communications intersects with other study areas such as Journalism and Public Relations our graduates are ideally suited to this changing environment.


The English minor focuses on English literature and language and its uses for a range of communicative and cultural purposes. The program aims to equip students with excellent communication skills, knowledge of a wide range of literary genres and an understanding of the theoretical frameworks surrounding reading, writing and language use. English combines a love of reading with a passion for thinking, debating and analysis.


The Writing major offers the opportunity to understand a range of writing practices and to become familiar with different kinds of writing and language use for various audiences and purposes. Students will gain a detailed understanding of the range of techniques used in contemporary writing practice and be equipped with valuable analytical, editorial and creative skills which can be applied to a variety of career paths.

What degree?

Meet the Head of the Discipline

Dr Simon Cooper (8.83 Kb)

Want to know more?

Monash University Handbook 2011



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