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Community Studies

Why study Community Studies?

Community Studies is an interdisciplinary minor available within the School of Humanities, Communications and Social Sciences which allows students to select units from a range of academic areas. Students will be exposed to debates about the nature, purpose and outlook of communities and engage with a range of issues including the representation and history of Australian indigenous societies, how communities protect their interests, globalisation and citizenship.

The course also explores:

  • alternative and mainstream communities
  • community development
  • community welfare work
  • Australian social issues

Where can it lead?

Career opportunities include:

  • Community development worker
  • Aged care worker
  • Research officer
  • Health care worker
  • Educator
  • Youth worker

What degree?

Community Studies is also available as a minor within a number of Arts degrees including:

Meet the Head of the Discipline

Dr Karen Crinall (11.91 Kb)

Want to know more?

Monash University Handbook 2011



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