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Community Welfare and Counselling

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Why study Community Welfare and Counselling?

This vocationally-driven program gives students the knowledge and skills for ethical social welfare practice in a dynamic social and political climate. Graduates will have the necessary skills to participate in a number of practice fields, including counselling, child protection, disability services, youth justice, aged care, homelessness, community development and family violence. The course also offers students work placement in welfare agencies and a study program which includes case management and human services practice from a management perspective.

The Bachelor of Community Welfare and Counselling is accredited by the Australian Institute of Welfare and Community Workers and is recognised by the Victorian Department of Human Services as a mandatory qualification in child protection, juvenile justice and disability services.

Where can it lead?

Career opportunities include:

What degree?

Meet the Head of the Discipline

Dr Christopher Laming (11.02 Kb)

Want to know more?

Monash University Handbook 2011