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Rebecca Cameron BA(Hons)

Rebecca Cameron

What are you currently researching?

I am writing a PhD thesis in International Relations, focusing on the nature of contemporary state-encompassed identities. The working title is 'Sovereignty, Justice and the Modern State Order: Formative Sites of Identity'.  I work mostly with International Relations theory, and spend my research time reading, writing and drinking too much tea… which I would do anyway, so let’s not blame the PhD for that.

My PhD supervisors are Dr Beth Edmondson and Dr Stuart Levy.

Where has your research taken you?

I’m in my third year of candidature.  My research has allowed me to publish two journal articles, a book review and attend two conferences.  I have recently returned from an International Political Theory Conference at St Andrews University, Scotland. The conference allowed me to present my current research, engage in contemporary debates and create collaboration opportunities.  I was awarded a joint travel grant from Monash University Gippsland and Monash Research Graduate School in order to attend.

What facet of Monash University contributes most to your research?

Staff at the School of Humanities, Communications and Social Sciences (HUMCASS) were very helpful in assisting my transition from Honours to PhD.  When I started my PhD, HUMCASS provided me with a scholarship for the length of my candidature.  With the help of my supervisors, I then successfully applied for an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) scholarship.  Monash University Gippsland has provided me ample working space including a computer.  My extremely supportive supervisors give me excellent assistance and advice for my thesis, publications and future career, which has been vital for my progress.

What have you enjoyed the most about undertaking research in your subject area?

I enjoy my time as a PhD student immensely, and consider it a luxury to have the freedom to research ideas and events that interest me.  I enjoy trying to understand the ideas that shape and drive the international political community, although I find international politics quite challenging and regularly frustrating! I find writing a thesis very most rewarding when big ideas begin to make sense in new and exciting ways.  I just love ranting about politics really!

What has been the greatest challenge?

I found dealing with self-doubt and uncertainty to be the greatest challenge in the early stages of my candidature.  This has mostly been overcome by the positive and encouraging feedback from my supervisors.  Another challenge is the length of the candidature – 4 years feels long, but time seems to easily slip away when I’m not watchful of it!

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