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Current Postgraduate Research Topics

Australian Indigenous Studies

Student NameThesis Title
McGinn, Ian  Outcomes of Commonwealth Aboriginal Policy in the Northern Territory: 1911-1939.

Communication and Writing

Student NameThesis Title
Barker, Richie Intelligent agents and creative process
Dawson, Andrew Mathematics, metaphysics and society: Towards a computational model of civilization
Wolstencroft, David A cultural and literary history of Australia in the late nineteen seventies

Communication and Writing - Public Relations

Student NameThesis Title
Galloway,Chris PR and Propaganda:  Full Circle, via The War on Terror

Community Welfare and Counselling

Student NameThesis Title
Jones, Theresa The relationship between the practice and management of traditional medicine in the development of an 'eco-healing' model of socially and environmentally sustainable development


Student NameThesis Title
Hardy, Matt Collaboration and crisis: Wikipedia as a resource in Middle East studies


Student NameThesis Title
Glowrey, Cheryl An interplay between land and sea; an environmental history of Corner Inlet
Mirams, Sarah Dreams and Realities : E J Brady and Mallacoota
Harding, Alan James Pinkerton Cambell, Photographer

Popular Fiction

Student NameThesis Title
Bullock, Eileen Lorraine Constructing a communicative community through the language of popular fiction


Student NameThesis Title
Cameron, Rebecca Sovereignty, Justice and the Modern State Order: Formative Sites of Identity
Sangale, Shibu Building the promise: Kenyan democracy and the power of the executive in the constitution, post 2007.

Psychological Studies

Student NameThesis Title
Howell, Jacqui The horizontal-vertical illusion in vision, haptics and audition
McFarlane, Ruth Psychological correlates of meme compliance and meme resistance

Sociology and Social Research

Student NameThesis Title
Earl, Peter Contested illness, social experience and recovery: a sociological analysis of long duration Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Sikder, Md Jalal Uddin Internal Migration in Bangladesh: The Role of Remittances as an Informal Tool for Rural Development
Steel, Kathryn (Kay) The 1977 SEC Maintenance Workers' Strike
Whyte, Susan Seachangers: a Gippsland case study
Leong, Yaw Kuen The discourse of negotiation: strategies employed by Malaysian business in sales negotiations
Manning, Andrew The Impact of Electronic Gaming Machines in Victoria since their introduction in 1992 from the perspective of such issues being framed as a concern for Public Health



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