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Monash University Scholarships for coursework undergraduate students
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Faculty of Arts Scholarships and Prizes 
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Postgraduate (Coursework)

Monash University Scholarships for coursework (postgraduate) students
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Faculty of Arts Scholarships and Prizes
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Postgraduate (Research)

Postgraduate Research Scholarships Now Available

Postgraduate Research Scholarships are now available for full-time research at postgraduate level. 

Over 300 living allowance (stipend) scholarships and 70 international tuition-paying scholarships are offered by Monash University at the main central selection round.  The main round closes on 31 October each year for enrolment in the following year.  In addition the Gippsland Campus offers scholarships to a number of applicants who miss out on a central scholarship offer.  There is a Mid-Year Round that closes on 31 May each year.

Eligibility Requirements 

All research applicants with an Australian or New Zealand bachelors degree with first class honours, or qualifications and/or research experience deemed equivalent by the university, may apply. 

Find a Supervisor

To check the research supervision expertise available within the School of Applied Media and Social Sciences: 
     Areas of Supervision.

For more information or to submit an online application: 
     Applying for a Postgraduate Research Scholarship.

For general information regarding Graduate Research and list of Monash University Scholarships visit:
     Postgraduate Research Scholarships

Key Contacts in the School

Dr Andrew Gunstone
School Graduate Research Coordinator
School of Applied Media & Social Sciences
Telephone: +61 3 990 26348 or 03 5122 6348
Fax: +61 3 3 990 26400 or 03 5122 6400

Ms Linda Butler
Research Officer
Telephone: +61 3 990 26345 or 03 5122 6345 
Fax: +61 3 990 26400 or 03 5122 6400



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