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Dr Lyle Patrick Munro

Adjunct Research Fellow

lyle munro
Phone:   +61 3 990 26758 or +61 3 512 6758
Fax:   +61 3 990 26359 or +61 3 512 26359
Office:   IE 227, Gippsland Campus


Before coming to Monash I taught in High Schools in Brisbane and Germany and in a Senior Secondary College in Canberra. My teaching subjects were English, History, German and Sociology.


Research interests

My research interests are in social movement theory and practice especially environmental and animal rights campaigns.  I have written two books on the latter: 

book cover

Compassionate Beasts: The Quest for Animal Rights, Praeger, New York, 2001


book cover

Confronting Cruelty: Moral Orthodoxy and the Challenge of the Animal Rights Movement, Brill, 2005

This is the first monograph in the series on Human-Animal Studies, published by Brill, Leiden and Boston.

Other research interests include the sociology of education, the social construction of social problems (eg animal cruelty, obesity, attrition in higher education and environmental problems) and interdisciplinary approaches to Human-Animal Studies (HAS). 

Current research projects

I am currently working on two new book projects: 

Recent publications

Animal Activism and  Advocacy:  Issues and Campaigns (A collection of 11 articles and book chapters I’ve written for a Reader), Revised and Published, 2010.

Two articles are currently under consideration:


I have taught the following units at Monash:

Postgraduate supervision

Willing to supervise students interested in any of the following broad areas:

Note: My Reader on Animal Activism and Advocacy analyses various animal rights campaigns and issues in the USA, the UK and Australia and is available FREE to prospective post-grad scholars and to students interested in studying either of the first two of the above topics.


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