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Dr Margaret Lynn

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow

marg lynn
Phone: +61 3 990 26326 or +61 3 512 26326
Fax: +61 3 990 26359 or +61 3 512 26359
Office: 1E 120, Gippsland Campus


Marg Lynn worked as a social worker in Melbourne and Gippsland for twelve years before commencing teaching in the Social Welfare Section (now Community Welfare and Counselling) in 1984. She has been involved in course development for many years, from a single diploma in social welfare in the 1980s to the present range of undergraduate and graduate qualifications. Marg has taught in many subject areas, and particularly in community development. Marg served a three year term as Head of the School of Humanities, Communications and Social Sciences from late 1996 to December 1999, her enduring legacy being the creation of the Diploma of Foundation (now Tertiary) Studies. She retired in July 2009 and remains associated with the School as an adjunct senior research fellow.

Research interests

Marg Lynn is interested in rural communities, the meanings of community and the ways in which the discourses of community influence and are influenced by government policy positions. Her PhD, completed in 2008, examined the capacity of social welfare work to adopt a greater community orientation. She has recently completed research with industry partners focusing on family and community resilience and sustainability in growth corridor housing estates.  

Recent Publications

She is an editor, with other School colleagues, of Practice Reflexions, the e-journal of the Australian Institute of Welfare and Community Workers, which was launched in November 2006.

Recent publications include:


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