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LASC Roundtable Presentations

2010 LASC Roundtable Presentations

Keynote Address: Whither inter-cultural communication in Australia?
Michael Clyne (Monash University/University of Melbourne)

Acquiring Intercultural Academic Writing Skills: A European Perspective
Claudia Maria Riehl (University of Cologne, Germany)

Cultural schemas in intercultural communication: A study of Persian cultural schema of sharmandegi
Farzad Sharifian (Monash University)
Maryam Jamarani (Monash University)

Mitigating Advice: A Study of Iranian L2 Learners of English and Australian English Speakers
Mahshad Davoodifard (Monash University)

Where Deaf studies meets language maintenance: Exploring intercultural communication issues for deaf people from migrant backgrounds
Louisa Willoughby (Monash University)

Use of Croatian across domains: language maintenance and shift amongst Croatian-speakers in Australia
Jim Hlavac (Monash University)

The Linguistic and Social Interactions of EFL Students in the Computer-Mediated Communication Environment
Ali Alamir (Monash University)

L2 literacy practices and computer technology: focusing on Japanese learners’ reading/writing activities outside the classroom
Miho Inaba (Monash University)

Technology-mediated communication in ESL: balancing multiple dimensions
Ekaterina Tour (Monash University)