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Dr Sarita Sahay

Sarita Sahay holds Masters and Doctoral degrees from the Department of Anthropology (then University Grants Commission of India’s Centre for Advanced Studies), Ranchi University, Jharkhand, India. She began her research career with her Master’s project on Sacred non-priestly specialist in Joshimath and Badrinath (a sacred complex of India).   She earned her doctoral degree with a research on the tribal women in their new profile of “women in white collar jobs”, which was later published in the form of a book.

She was associated with Indore School of Social Work, Indore (India) for a socio-economic and demographic research on families who were displaced due to the setting up of industrial plants in a Central India. Subsequently, she worked for several years on the changing socio-cultural configuration of some tribes and scheduled caste people of Central India at the Centre for Applied Cultural Research, Indore.

Research Interests

Sarita Sahay’s research interests vary from Hindu mythology and folklore to tribal studies, women studies, adolescent studies and issues of current interest or concern.

Major Publications

Peer reviewed articles in journals/conference proceedings

Sarita Sahay, 'Socio-cultural factors and young sexual offenders: A case study of Western Madhya Pradesh (India)', International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, Vol. 14 , (2), 2008, pp. 113- 134

Sarita Sahay, Cultural determinants of maternal & infant mortality in Madhya Pradesh, Man in India, Vol. 81 Nos.3 & 4, July-Dec 2001, pp. 363-375

Sarita Sahay, 'Janjatiye kala aur Sanskriti'(in Hindi), Vanyajati, Vol. XLVIII No.3, July 2000, pp. 37-42
Sarita Sahay, 'Alternative strategy for eradication of various forms of discriminatory & unequal practices'. Paper presented at the National Seminar on Discrimination & Inequality: Present Status and Remedial Measures at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar National Institute of Social Sciences, MHOW (M.P.), India, April 14-15, 2000

Sarita Sahay, 'The folk tales of Bihar: Anthropological Perspective', Folklore (an International Journal of Folklore), vol.13, May 2000 ( )

Sarita Sahay, 'Bihari muinasjuttudest' (in Estonian language), Maetaguesed (an International Journal in Estonian language), No.12, 1999, ( )    

S. Lourdusamy & Sarita Sahay, 'The mythological story of Gayasura and the performance of Sraddha-yajna in Gaya: Beliefs and behaviour patterns of Hindus' in Studies in Folklore & Popular Religion, Vol. 1, pp. 197-203, A publication of The Department of Estonia & Comparative folklore, University of Tartu, Tartu (Estonia), 1996.

Sarita Sahay, 'Job-motivation & Job-preference of working women in different white collar jobs at Ranchi: A comparative study of tribal & non-tribal women', Bulletin of Bihar, Tribal Welfare Research Institute, Vol.32 No.1, Jan 1993, pp. 39-48

Books / Articles in Books

Sarita Sahay, 'Folk traditions and the people of Bihar' in Encyclopedia of World Folklore, Vol. 2, pp. 24-30, Edited by Prof. William M. Clements, Greenwood Press, (2006) 

Sarita Sahay , Lok-Sahitya * (Folklore of western MadhyaPradesh, India) (In Hindi), Compiled & edited by S. Lourdusamy & Sarita Sahay, Sat Prachar Press, Indore-452001, India (2004)

Sarita Sahay , Lok-Kathayen * (Folk-tales of western Madhya Pradesh, India) Vol.-I,  II, & III, (in Hindi),Compiled & edited by S. Lourdusamy & Sarita Sahay, Sat Prachar Press, Indore-452001, India (2004)

Sarita Sahay, Tribal women in the new profile, Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi-110002, India (2002)