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Dr Wendy Smith

Research Interests

Cross-cultural management; employee relations in Asia; Japanese management transfer; international business; social protection in Malaysia; globalised religious organizations; managing religious diversity in the workplace; Islamic work ethics.


Edited Books

Nyland, C, Smith, W., Smyth, R. Vicziany, M. (eds) (2001) Malaysian Business in the New Era Cheltenham, UK and Lyme, US Edward Elgar

Book Chapters

Smith, W. A. (2004) ìIndustrial Production Technologies and Culture in a Malaysian Workplace: When Japanese management software encounters Islamî in Marika Vicziany (ed.), "Cultures and Technologies in Asia: the paradigm shifts (Proceedings of the conference held on 9-13 February 2004 in Mumbai", Maharashtra State, India, Monash Asia Institute, 2004, ISBN 1876924 31 4 , Monash University Press.

Shamsul A.B. and Smith, W.A.(2003) ìSerious Issues, Popular Desire: Paradoxes of Mahathirís Moralityî, in Bridget Welsh (ed.) Reflections: The Mahathir Years. Washington, DC: Southeast Asia Studies, Johns Hopkins University-SAIS pp. 40-47

Smith, W. (2003) Management in Malaysia, in Malcolm Warner (ed.)Management and Culture in Asia, London: Curzon pp. 115-134

Nyland, C., Smith, W., Smyth, R., Vicziany, M. (2001). Economic and social adjustment in Malaysia in the ënewí business era. In Nyland, C, Smith, W. Smyth, R. Vicziany, M. (eds) Malaysian Business in the New Era Cheltenham, UK and Lyme, US Edward Elgar pp. 1-10

Smith, W., Nyland, C. and Ahmad, A. (2001). Islamic identity and work in Malaysia: Islamic work ethics in a Japanese joint venture in Malaysia. In Nyland, C, Smith, W. Smyth, R. Vicziany, M. (eds) Malaysian Business in the New Era , Cheltenham, UK and Lyme, US Edward Elgar pp. 189-202

Bouma G., Smith, W. and Finlay, S. (2000). Japanese Religion in Australia: Mahikari and Zen in a Multicultural Society", in Clarke, Peter (ed.),Japanese New Religions in Global Perspective, London: Curzon Press, pp. 74-112 .

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Smith, W. (1994) "Japanese Cultural Images in Malaysia: Implications of the Look East Policy" in Jomo K.S.(ed.), Japan and Malaysian Development, London: Routledge, pp.335-363

Refereed Journal Articles and Full Text Refereed Published Proceedings

Smith, W. and Asma A. ìHRM Changes in Malaysia after the Asian Financial Crisisî in Asia Pacific Business Review (forthcoming, Vol. 10, nos. 3/4)

Bouma, G, Haidar, A., Nyland. C and Smith, W. (2003) ìWork, religious diversity and Islamî AsiaPacificJHR, Vol 41, no. 1 pp.51-61

Smith, W. (2002) Managing Ethnic Diversity in a Japanese Joint Venture in Malaysia, a refereed full text article in the Proceedings of the British Academy of Management Annual Conference 2002, London 9-11 September (CDRom)

Smith, W. (2002). The corporate culture of a globalized Japanese New Religion, Senri Ethnological Studies, 62, (Special Issue ìThe Culture of Association and Associations in Contemporary Japanese Societyî), pp. 153-176

Smith, W. (1999). The Globalization of Japanese New Religions as illustrated by the case of Sukyo Mahikari, Human Studies ñ Bulletin of the Institute for Cultural and Human Research (Ningengaku Kenkyu), 1, 37-53, Kyoto Bunkyo University

Smith, W. (1996) "The Impact of Globalization on Malaysian Industrial Workers in Japanese Enterprises", Hiroshima Journal of International Studies, Vol. 2, pp.39-56

Refereed, Full Text Conference Papers Published as Abstracts in Proceedings

Smith, W, Nyland, C.(2000) Islamic Identity and Work in Malaysia: Islamic Work Ethics in a Japanese Joint Venture in Malaysia Proceedings of the Academy of International Business Annual Meeting, 17-20 November Phoenix, Arizona

Smith, W., Nyland, C.(2000) The Islamic Work Ethic and Employment Rights in a Japanese Multinational firm in Malaysia Proceedings of the International Industrial Relations Association 12th World Congress Tokyo 29 May ñ 2 June

Smith, W. (1999) Implications of Japanese management transfer for women managers in Malaysia in the Proceedings of the Academy of International Business Southeast Asia Region, 1999 Annual Conference 8-10 July, Melbourne

Other Refereed Publications

Smith, W. (2001) Management in Malaysia. In Malcolm Warner (ed.) The International Encyclopaedia of Business and Management, 2nd Edition, 8-volume set London: Thompson Learning pp. 3882-3894

Smith, W. (2000) Management in Malaysia in Warner, M. (ed.) Regional Encyclopaedia of Business and Management: Management in Asia Pacific , London: Thomson Business Press pp. 244-259

Smith, W. (1996) Management in Malaysia", International Encyclopedia of Business and Management, London:Thomson Business Press, pp.2951-2961.

Other Publications

Smith, W. (2000). A case study of the management system and intercultural communication patterns in a Japanese joint venture in Malaysia. In Nishida H.(ed.) Zaigai Nihonjin to Genchijumin no aida no Taijin Komyunikeisyon Masatsu Kenkyu [ A Study of Interpersonal Communication Discord between Expatriate Japanese and Local Staff], Shizuoka, Japan: Shizuoka Prefectural University Project Papers, pp. 381-456

Smith, W. (1998) ìBuddhism in Japan - Life in a Parishioner Templeî,Ordinary Mind - E-vam Institute Quarterly, Winter, pp.12-13, 25.