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2010 Staff Seminar Series

Semester 2, 2010

July 23                   Robert Hanna (Colorado)                                             ‘Taking Simple Arithmetic Seriously'

July 30                   Edward Khamara (Monash)                                         ‘Evangelical Scepticism'

August 6                Stewart Cohen (ANU)                                                   ‘Bootstrapping and Defeasible Reasoning'

August 13              Neil McKinnon (Monash)                                              ‘Constitution and Mereological Pluralism'

August 20              Paul Biegler (Monash) and Patrick Vargas               ‘Epistemic paternalism, unconscious persuasion, and regulation of pharmaceutical advertising'

August 27              Ralph Wedgwood (Oxford)                                           TBA

September 3           Simon Keller (Victoria University Wellington)           ‘Motives, Reasons, and the Ethics of Special Relationships'


Semester 1, 2010

March 12             

Toby Handfield (Monash University)    "The nature of chance in current physical theories"

March 19

Karen Green (Monash University)  "When is a contract theorist not a contract theorist? Mary Astell and Catharine Macaulay as critics of Thomas Hobbes."

March 26

Rob Sparrow (Monash University)  "What should advocates of human enhancement say about sex selection?"

April 16

Jacqueline Broad (Monash University) "Mary Astell and the Virtues"

April 23

no seminar


April 30

John Kleinig (ANU) "Nationalism: A Qualified Defense."

May 7

Janna Thompson (Latrobe University) "The Interests of the Dead"

May 14

John Bigelow (Monash University) "Quine, mereology, and inference to the best explanation"

May 21

Andrew Benjamin (Monash University) "The Fabric of Existence. Place as the Ground of Ethics."

May 28

Rachel Briggs T.B.A

June 4

Cathy Legg (University of Waikato) "The Hardness of the Iconic Must: Can Peirce's existential graphs assist modal epistemology?"