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Philosophy Department - Postgraduate Seminars

The student-run postgraduate association hosts exciting work-in-progress seminars each year and everyone is welcome to attend. These seminars provide an opportunity for current or recently completed postgraduate students from Monash, and occasionally other universities, to present their work to others in order to get critical feedback and helpful suggestions. Social events and other kinds of events are also occasionally held.

Below is the events calendar for 2011, provided by Google Calendar. You can scroll through, clicking on events for more information such as the location or description of the event. If you use Gmail or Google Apps, please read the information below the calendar to learn more about what you can do with it.

Gmail and Google Apps users (including Monash staff and students): You can add individual events to an existing calendar of yours after clicking on the event and then clicking copy to my calendar. Alternatively, you can add the entire calendar to your account as a separate calendar by clicking the + Google Calendar button at the bottom right. With the latter option, the calendar will be automatically updated when further details are provided for existing events, or when new events are created.

Note: If you have multiple Gmail/Google Apps accounts and are having difficulty adding the calendar to the appropriate account, use the following method:

  1. Go to the calendar section of the Gmail/Google Apps account you wish to import the calendar into.
  2. Beneath Other Calendars on the left-hand side, click Add, then Add by URL.
  3. Copy the following URL to the space provided in the pop-up:
  4. Click Add Calendar.

The calendar will then be added to the correct account.

For further information about postgraduate seminars in 2012, please email Sam Green. For more information about other postgraduate events, please email Christina Majoinen.

For information about travelling to Monash, please see here.

For details of previous presentations, see our archives for 20092008, 2007 and 2006.