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Late Assessment Submission


To provide a uniform policy on the penalities that apply for late submission of assessment.
  • Faculty of Arts on all campuses
  • all undergraduate and graduate/postgraduate coursework programs
  • all Arts staff and Arts coursework students
Policy Statement

For all assignments of 1,000 words or more handed in after the due date and without an agreed extension, a five percent penalty applies for the first day of the missed deadline. After that, a subsequent penalty of 2% per day will be applied for the next thirteen calendar days after the due date (including Saturdays and Sundays). If students face a significant illness or serious issue, it may be that Special Consideration is warranted.

No assignment can be accepted after more than fourteen calendar days except in exceptional circumstances and in consultation with your lecturer or tutor.

Supporting procedures  
Responsibility for implementation Dean
Associate Dean (Education)
Associate Dean (Graduate Studies)
Heads of Schools
Unit Coordinators
All staff and students
Status Revised
Approval body Faculty Board of the Faculty of Arts
Meeting number:
Meeting date:
Agenda item:
Endorsement Body Education and Student Experience Committee of the Faculty of Arts
Meeting number:
Meeting date:
Agenda item:
Date Effective Semester 1, 2009
Next Review Date 2012
Policy Owner Faculty of Arts
Policy Author Associate Dean (Education)
Contact Faculty of Arts Arts Coursework Office