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On-line Submission of Assignments

On-line Submission of Assignments


To clarify the submission and checking of assignments that have been submitted electronically and in hard-copy and to verify that the documents are the same.


This policy applies to all on-line submissions by students who are enrolled in units owned by the Faculty of Arts.

Policy Statement

  • If required by the unit coordinator as stated in the Unit Guide, students are to submit an electronic copy of an assignment and a hardcopy of the same assignment.
  • Electronic copies of assignments must be received by the due date and time.
  • Any hardcopy of an assignment must be received within one working day of the due date and time.
  • In order to avoid untimely delays in hardcopy submissions, it is recommended that unit coordinators set deadlines early in the day and early in the week.
  • Unit coordinators should cross-check that the content of assignments submitted online and as hardcopy are the same.
  • If a discrepancy between on-line submission and hard-copy submission is found, then disciplinary action for cheating will be initiated, under Statute 4.1, Part III, Item 8.

Responsibility for implementation

Associate Dean (Education)
Faculty Education Coordinators
Unit Coordinators
Chief Examiners



Approval body

Name: Faculty Board of the Faculty of Arts
Meeting: 05/11
Date: 3 November 2011
Agenda item: 12

Endorsement body

Name: Faculty Education Committee of the Faculty of Arts
Meeting: 6/11
Date: 19-October-2011
Agenda item: 3

Date Effective

Semester 1, 2012

Review Date



Faculty of Arts


Arts Associate Dean (Education)

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