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Cancellation of Unit Offering Procedure

The School makes a request using the request to cancel a unit offering form in the current year, prior to the commencment of the relevant semester, or within the first two weeks of the start of the semester.

  1. Check unit enrolment for all unit codes in Callista (eg ABC3000 / ABC4000 / DEF4000).
  2. If total unit enroment is over 10 for all related units, approval is needed from the Associate Dean (Education).
  3. If the unit is to be cancelled, the Business Systems Unit will notify the School, and the School will notify enrolled students of the unit cancelation, and that their enrolment in the unit will be discontinued. The School will recommend alternate units for the students to study, and direct the students to the handbook and WES to select another unit and amend their enrolment.
  4. The Business Systems Unit will discontinue students from the unit using Bulk Discontinuation in Callista. (This must be completed before the next step is implemented).
  5. The Business Systems Unit will then remove the Unit Offering Option for the units in Callista.
  6. Advise the School that the unit offering option has been removed, and that the student enrolments have been discontinued.