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Faculty of Arts Privacy Information

The Faculty of Arts is committed to ensuring the privacy of its students and staff as outlined in the Monash Privacy Policy.

As a result of the privacy policy there are a number of procedures and requests that must be handled in an appropriate manner:

Contact Details

The Faculty of Arts will only send information to official correspondence details as registered in the student database, Callista.

It is both a student's responsibility and a condition of enrolment to immediately notify the University of any change to an address or contact details via the Web Enrolment System (WES).

Email Correspondence

The Faculty of Arts will only correspond with students via their official Monash Student Email account (accessible via the portal).

Responses to email inquiries will not be sent to non-Monash email accounts (i.e. Hotmail, Google, etc.).

The only exception to this is general inquiries from the non-Monash community (i.e. prospective students) — no personal information about students, student records, etc. will be provided to such email addresses.

Telephone Inquiries

The Faculty of Arts cannot release personal information via the telephone.

We can discuss general course and administrative matters, but not specifics via this method. If you have an inquiry of a personal nature please contact us via mail (postal) or from your student email account.

Family and Friends

For a variety of reasons students sometimes request that a parent, guardian, partner, or friend act on their behalf and contact the University regarding an academic or administrative matter.

For privacy reasons we cannot discuss or action any such request without written permission from the student allowing another person to act on their behalf.

We cannot discuss a student's enrolment, fees, or other administrative or academic matter with family or friends via the telephone.


If a student is unable to attend an enrolment day they can appoint a proxy to act on their behalf.