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Supplementary Assessment Procedures

Parent Policy

Faculty Supplementary Assessment Policy

These procedures should be read in conjunction with Statute 6.1.5 Assessment and the Assessment in Coursework Programs Policy


The following outlines the application process for supplementary assessment within the Faculty of Arts:

  1. Student completes the Supplementary Assessment Application Form (Doc)
  2. Student submits form to the Arts Faculty Office on their home campus
  3. Student Services assesses the application
  4. If student is eligible, Arts Student Services notifies the Chief Examiner
  5. Arts Student Services notifies the student to contact the Chief Examiner
  6. The Chief examiner determines the appropriate form of assessment to be completed by the student. Supplementary assessment pieces must be completed by the end of the associated Supplementary and Deferred Examination Period and a result returned in line with tge dates for that examination period

Applications for supplementary assessment must be submitted no later than 10 university working days following the release of results.


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