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Arts Unit Guides - Section 4 – Assessment Requirements


Outline any participation requirements, value (where relevant), and criteria by which performance will be judged.

If you wish to apply a penalty for non tutorial participation you can nominate one of the penalties included in the Arts faculty policy

Include details of each assessment component as follows:

Details of task:

Provide details of tasks including any set questions, resources used or found, how students are to proceed if there is more than one option available, formatting, referencing or particular submission requirements.

Release dates

State when the information will be available if not provided in the Unit Guide.

Word limit

Word counts for Arts units can be found at


State the % value of the work in relation to the overall assessment.

Presentation requirements:

In this section you should inform students about the need to submit work with a signed coversheet (include the location if hand delivered). If you have specific requirements, i.e. a particular referencing system or the use of Turnitin, please provide details.

Estimated return date:

State when a student should receive feedback on the assessment task

Hurdle requirements:

Refer to the Assessment Summary

Individual Assessment in Group Tasks:

Note: with the exception of performance units, group assessment should normally not exceed 40% of the total formal assessment in the subject/unit.

Multilevel distinction

State how you will assess the different year levels in this unit. What are the qualitative and quantitative measurements? Provide details of the different requirements.

Criteria for Marking

Your criteria for marking should:

Please state what will be taken into account when marking the assessment piece

 Example 1- Written work

Example 2 - Seminar presentation
This mark will cover your discussion of readings and projects, participation in performance exercises and, brief ‘homework’ assignments to be done in groups or individually, rehearsal work during class time warm-up practices and attendance.

Note: some Schools may have a table that will spell out the criteria for written work under headings, e.g. Basic Criteria, Presentation and Content and then have additional requirements for each year level. Others may use a generic assessment and grading table that outlines the grades, the use of language, the coverage of ideas and information sources.


Provide details of any formal examination(s). Will it be held during the examination period? What is the length of the examination?

Assignment Submission

There are six options for the return of assignments. Select one of the options and enter any additional detail.

The new Arts policy on On-line Submission of Assignments can be found at

Note, if you intend to use Online Submission only, consider how you plan to provide feedback and if that means you need to specify a particular format (e.g., specify Word if you want to use track changes).

Online Submission in Moodle

As the Faculty will be transitioning to Moodle in second semester, the information in the online template regarding online assignment submission has been checked by the VLE implementation team. The VLE team has also provided the following clarification about the assignment submission in Moodle.

File formatting

Moodle accepts all file formats. However, you may prefer to specify a particular format due to the nature of the activity or for ease of handling (e.g., Word (.doc, .docx) if you plan to use track changes for marking and feedback purposes).

File naming

The VLE team advises that Moodle will automatically do the following:

Screenshots of what students see when they submit an assignment via Moodle

 No assignment submitted

Send for marking

Final submission

Assignment submitted


Students can access the Arts coversheet via their My Monash portal (they navigate to the Study and administration tab > My Units > Select the unit > Teaching and Learning Tools > Barcoded coversheet). Note: this is different from the staff portal set-up.

If you want to include instructions on how to copy and paste the coversheet into a Word document, please see suggested wording below

Note: the barcode number does not copy over to Word document if using browser Mozilla Firefox, it only works in Internet Explorer. Further optional instructions are provided below.

Steps to copy barcode image into Word document (if using Mozilla Firefox)

Extensions and penalties

Refer to the Arts policy which was recently amended:

Returning assignments

Note within semester, teaching staff are expected to hand back assignments in class or during consultation hours - for further details, see point 4 Protocol for the return of assignments/feedback of the Arts Assessment and Feedback Procedures.

There are four options for the return of assignments. Select one of the options and enter any additional detail.

Resubmission of assignments

State whether resubmission is allowed/not allowed for this unit. If it is allowed, include details on how students would request resubmission and under what circumstances.

Note: the Faculty of Arts does not have a resubmission policy; the policy governing review and remarking of assessment can be found at In the case that this unit is the last unit required to complete the course, a final fail for the completed unit withing the range of 45 - 49 can qualify the student to apply for supplementary assessment. The policy, procedures and application form can be found under Supplementary Assessment at

Referencing requirements

State the requirements for referencing and/or refer students to the appropriate Faculty or School/ Department guide.