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Eras Journal - Edition Thirteen, Issue 2 - June 2012

Terms of Use: Readers are welcome to save an electronic copy (download) and print copies of the works on this site only for their own personal research and study, and provided the Eras copyright notice is retained on any copies made. Any further use, adaptation or distribution will require permission from Eras.

John D’Alton Edition Thirteen Issue 2 Editorial


Dustin Cranford abstract A Roman in Name Only: An Onomastic Study of Cultural Assimilation and Integration in Roman Spain
Jae Jerkins abstract Islam in the Early Modern Protestant Imagination:
Religious and Political Rhetoric of English Protestant–Ottoman Relations (1528-1588)
Nicholas M. Parmley abstract Iberian Jewish Tales of the Sea and Seafaring:
Letters and Poems in the Medieval Mediterranean


Eva Anagnostou-Laoutides Phillips K. M. and B. Reay, Sex Before Sexuality: a Premodern History (2011)
John D’Alton Gerstel, Sharon E. J. and Robert S. Nelson eds., Approaching the Holy Mountain: Art and Liturgy at St Catherine’s Monastery in Sinai (2010)
John D’Alton Paul K Lyons. Pikle- The Diary Junction, and The Diary Review
John D’Alton Renouf, Tom, Black Watch (2011)
Linden Lyons Melvin, Mungo, Manstein: Hitler’s Greatest General (2010)
Kathleen Shaw Mihesuah, Devon Abbott, Choctaw Crime and Punishment, 1884-1907 (2009)

Edition Thirteen editors and committee members