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Official Opening of Bionics and Cognitive Science Centre - 5/09/03

On Friday September 5th, the Bionics and Cognitive Science Centre at the Gippsland campus was officially opened by the Honourable Peter McGauran, Commonwealth Minister for Science. A welcome speech was provided by Pro Vice Chancellor, Prof Brian Mackenzie, after which the Minister cut a virtual ribbon signalling the opening of the Centre. This was followed by demonstrations of some of the equipment located in the new lab.

The Centre has been funded by the Commonwealth Government to conduct research commencing with projects on virtual touch, and devices that provide information though the skin, that is normally sensed though vision and hearing. Integral to the Centres functions is the new Bachelor of Cognitive Science degree.

'Turning up the heat on the Minister'.
George van Doorn with the Honourable Peter McGauran

'The Minister gets in touch with Cognitive Science'.
Dr Barry Richardson with the Federal Minister for Science, Peter McGauran

Media coverage

"Sensory Feedback and Remote Control of Machines in Mining and Extraterrestrial Environments" - the Ausimm Bulletin, March/April 2004

Remote control can offer some advantages over full automation, however much information is lost and performance suffers if the controller's feedback is restricted to a standard TV display. Full Story

"Mining in touch" - Monash News, December 2003

The abstract world of virtual reality has joined with the earthy environment of minerals mining, due to innovative work by Monash University's new
Bionics and Cognitive Science Centre, located at the Gippsland campus.

"Cognitive Science - Research-Based Teaching" - SAMSS News, Issue 2 Sept 2003

As many of you will know already, SAMSS was successful in obtaining over a third of a million dollars from the Commonwealth Government's Sustainable Regions program last year to set up a Bionics and Cognitive Science Centre at the Gippsland campus. Full Story

"New bionics Centre at Monash Gippsland" - Churchill & District News, 11/9/03

The Federal Science Minister and Member for Gippsland Peter McGauran officially opened the Bionics & Cognitive Science Centre at Monash University, Gippsland, on Friday 5 September. Full Story

"Advances in world first technology" - Latrobe Valley Express, 8/9/03

Federal Science Minister Peter McGauran officially opened the Bionics and Cognitive Science Centre at Monash University Gippsland last week. Full Story

"New approach to learning" - Monash Memo, 3/09/03

Lecturers at the Gippsland campus teaching cognitive science, a field that explores how people think and learn, intend to change the way their own students think and learn. Full Story

"Learning first at Monash" - Latrobe Valley Express, 28/08/03

Cognitive science looks at how people learn, so it is appropriate that the COgnitive Science degree lecturers at Monash University Gippsland plan to change their teaching method and the way their students learn. Full Story

"Grant Paves the Way for Cutting Edge Research" - Threshold News, 20/8/03

Monash Gippsland is set to be at the forefront of bionics and cognitive science following a $360,000 grant provided by the Commonwealth Government.Full Story

Now the dream is virtually a reality" - The Age, 13/5/03

Since doning a headset to venture into Virtual Reality, developers have been waiting for technology to catch up with their vission of immersive cyberspace.

"Getting a feel for Science" - Monash Memo, 11/09/02

Cutting-edge research into applications of tactile virtual reality will soon be under way at the newly established Bionics and Cognitive Science Centre at Gipplsand Campus. Full Story

"World First at Monash" - Latrobe Valley Express, 2/09/02

A Monash University Gippsland virtual reality project - the first of its kind in the world - could have the ability to improve pursuits ranging from lifeand death surgery to your golf swing. Full Story

"Virtual a touch of reality" - Herald Sun, 29/08/02

Virtual reality could become even more realistic with Victorian researchers working to put touch into the computerised world. Full Story