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Community Liaison

In line with Monash University Gippsland's commitment to be a university of and for the region, the Centre for Gippsland Studies facilitates interaction with the community in the areas of Gippsland, regional and community history and heritage issues. It establishes a dialogue between the University and the community.

Each year, the Centre for Gippsland Studies hosts a history conference, as well as community lectures and seminars. The Centre offers advice on cataloguing collections and storage of archival material, as well as on research and writing.


A workshop entitled 'Gippsland Environments and Human Interaction : Past Present and Future' was held on Friday 22 October 2010 at Monash University Gippsland Campus, Churchill, Victoria.

Further information including interviews with Workshop speakers, images and audio file of the interview can be found on ABC Gippsland.

A 'Gippsland Environments' conference was also held in November 2011.

Centre for Gippsland Studies