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Research and Publications

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The Centre for Gippsland Studies contributes to Monash University Gippsland's commitment to regional research through the successful pursuit of research grants, collaborative research, consultancies and publications. The Centre's main areas of research are local history and cultural heritage, public history, environmental history, regional restructuring and attachment to place and belonging.

Research projects

Dr Julie Fenley

Julie Fenley, acting Director for the Centre for Gippsland Studies, is currently undertaking a Heritage Victoria study of war-time correspondence for the Jewish Holocaust Museum and Research Centre, Melbourne. She recently completed a study of significant items relating to the Lodz ghetto, Poland, which was also funded by Heritage Victoria. In 2006, Julie was also engaged as a historical consultant to complete a National Library of Australia — Community Heritage Grants project that examined textiles in the Jewish Holocaust Centre collection.

Julie’s research also focuses on the field of Aboriginal history and her PhD thesis, “‘Dealing with a Nation’: Conceptualising Aboriginal Sovereignty, 1950-1990”, examined the ways in which indigenous people explore a range of options for engaging with the Australian state. Current research is focused on the National Aboriginal Conference’s campaign for a treaty and the subsequent development of ideas of sovereignty in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Dr Meredith Fletcher

Meredith Fletcher, former Director of the Centre for Gippsland Studies, is also editor of the Gippsland Heritage Journal, Australia’s leading and most innovative regional history journal. She has co-authored with Linda Kennett, Wellington Landscapes: History and Heritage in a Gippsland Shire and Changing Landscapes: A History of Settlement and Land Use in Driffield. She has also written Digging People up for Coal: a History of Yallourn. Her articles have appeared in journals such as History Australia, Australian Historical Studies, and Gippsland Heritage Journal, and she has completed a number of reports as the Centre for Gippsland Studies' director. 

Centre for Gippsland Studies