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Erin Bradshaw

Where I want to be five years from now

In a journalism or political job; hopefully doing something constructive with life

Where I was five years ago

Wondering what I was going to do five years from now.

My favourite kind of news

ABC online, as well as bite-sized news from twitter.

What I like about studying journalism at Berwick

It’s incredibly close to home.

A journalist I admire

The name escapes me, but there is a political journalist on Sky News Australia that is not only able to present news professionally, but is able to stick witty comments in when interviewing and crossing live to political conferences, which of course makes watching much more enjoyable.

I am passionate about

Having opinions and discussing them, no matter how contrary they are to your own.

I unwind by 

Reading, listening to music and gaming.

My favourite time of the day is

Late night. Somehow all my assignments are able to be produced quicker…

Two important people to me are

My parents.

My strategy for survival at uni

Bring Coca-Cola to the lectures and tutes for a pick-me-up and take notes like my life depended on it.

A news story to mark this month was

The BP oil spill in the US.