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patrina loft

Patrina Loft

3rd year, Off-campus, SAMSS Journalism

Where I want to be five years from now

I would like to be doing honours or masters and investigating how journalism impacts on society, particularly in the areas of science and education.

Where I live and why

Churchill, Gippsland, because of love: then boyfriend and now husband lives here and it was easier for me to move!

My favourite kind of news

Science journalism, particularly when researchers finally nail a problem after years of work.

What I like about studying off-campus journalism

The flexibility to study around work and it’s a great excuse to stay up late!

A journalist I admire

Sir David Attenborough, he can show people the world and still let the world do the talking.

I am passionate about

Education, once you have knowledge, it can’t be taken away.

I unwind by

Watching television cooking programs.

My favourite time of the day is

The time between waking up in the morning and before I really have to get out of bed.

My proudest personal achievement so far

2005, being First Novice and First P2 (1600cc capacity class) Co-Driver in the Victorian Rally Championship (in a stock standard 1986 Holden Gemini!)

My strategy for survival at uni is

Planning what has to be done for each study day and keep going until I achieve it.

The most memorable news story this year

Julia Gillard taking over from Kevin Rudd for Labor Party leadership (and prime ministership) - it was so quickly and easily done and Australia still continued to function normally.