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Yi Ming Wang (Xavier)

Where I want to be five years from now

New York. To work on the New York Times as a famous journalist. Besides, I can taste the pure hot-dogs everyday. Maybe I could even have an interview with those superheroes like Spider-Man.

Where I was five years ago

China. Very busy studying English to pass the exams. Didn't even know how many states there were in Australia. Sinking in some romantic issues and couldn't escape. How sweet.

My favourite kind of news

Sports. I'd love to have an interview with Filipo Inzaghi, an Italian soccer player, someday if possible.

What I like about studying journalism at Berwick

Berwick is quiet and peaceful. I can always settle down whenever I step in here. Then I can concentrate on my study and deeply think about something like what kind of question I might ask to the Member of Parliament.

A journalist I admire

Clark Kent. Admire his super powers.

I am passionate about

Soccer and rock. Inzaghi is my hero and Michael Jackson is my king.

I unwind by 

Drawing comics. I can create a world that I could never really step in to. But I can become satisfied within my own space that way.

My favourite time of the day is

Midnight. It's the time that my brain reaches its highest speed. I've done most of my work at that time. Unfortunately, I can't wake up six hours later, so that I hate early in the morning.

Two important people to me are

Only two? My parents.

My strategy for survival at uni

I have no exact strategy. I am not so familiar with the culture in universities in Australia. But I believe in the words ‘no pain, no gain'. The only way to survive is to work hard, then we shall succeed.

A news story to mark this month was

China, the none-qualifier, beat France, the champion of the 1998 world cup, in the final warm-up match before the start of South Africa world cup on Friday, 4 May. Chinese little-known mid-field player, Deng Zhuoxiang, crushed the confidence of the French team by a terrific free kick. The football fans of France were really unhappy to accept the truth of defeat by China.

Well, being objective, I'm so terribly proud of the Chinese soccer team.