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Journalism Students Successes

Second year Journalism student secures job at Latrobe Valley Express

Jarrod Whittaker explains what's great about studying journalism in the regions and how he secured his first journalism job.

"Studying journalism at Monash Gippsland has given me the skills and knowledge to secure full time work in the industry. During my (ongoing) studies I have gained experience in print, radio and online journalism and this has allowed me to secure a cadetship at the Latrobe Valley Express, Morwell during my second year of studies.

Throughout the course I have had access to working journalists and experienced academic staff who are supportive and knowledgeable and helped me gain this job.

Studying at a rural campus gives you an opportunity to make connections with staff and other students, get involved in campus life, and get your 'hands dirty'."

One of Jarrod's first features for the Express was a colour piece on Australian cricketer Peter Siddle. Read the article: From Maryvale to Lords.