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Alumni Reunion Photographs


On Friday 1st March 2002 the Gippsland Campus of Monash University held reunion celebrations to mark its origin and development as a tertiary education institution. Part of the celebrations involved faculty and School reunion functions. The School of Applied Media & Social Sciences held its celebrations between 4.30pm and 6pm in Room 1N206/207 and Room IS103. The celebrations revolved around three related themes:
(a) The Past (Reflections by former staff, current staff and alumni.)
(b) The Present (Displays of current work by the various discipline areas.)
(c) The Future (An address by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Prof. Homer Le Grand.)
The School Reunion program was organised by Keith Wilson and Sue Yell.

1. Professor Harry Ballis, the Head of School, welcomes the alumni to the School's reunion function.

2 .(& 3). Daryl Nation, retired member of the School staff and one time acting Head of the School, comments on the very early years of the School, the development of the BA degree and the evolution of the School's distance education program.


4. (& 5.) Ian Hamilton, former member of the Sociology Section, talks about the early years of the School's development.


6. (& 7.) Peter Farago, a former member of the History/Politics Section, talks about the efforts made by staff and members of the Gippsland community to influence the campus management policy. Peter was a foundation member of "Friends of Monash Gippsland."


8. Marianne Robinson, a member of the Sociology Section, talks about the early years of the School's life from a woman's perspective.

9. Jousha Beggs (standing in the background), former student union president and graduate of the School comments on his years of study in the mid 1990s.

10. Banners outside Room 1N206/207 displaying the past achievements of the Gippsland campus.

11. Afternoon tea in the corridor outside Room 1S103. In the foreground Barry Richardson and Dianne Wuillemin, from Psychology, talk to a former graduate.

12. Afternoon tea

13. Alumni and staff study the Social Welfare display.

14. The History/Politics display.

15. A display of old Distance Education Reader covers from the Communications and Writing Section.

16. Sociology displays old teaching materials used when Sociology was part of the Gippsland Institute of Advanced Education.

17. (& 18.) Alumni and staff talk informally about School developments.


19. (& 20.) The Dean, Professor Homer Le Grand, speaking to the gathering of alumni and staff. Homer spoke about his personal commitment to the Gippsland region. He also highlighted the important contribution the School was making both to the Arts faculty and the Gippsland region.


20. Alumni and staff listen to Professor Homer Le Grand's address.