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SAMSS News Archive (2003)

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SAMSS Dissertations - 30/10/03

Three SAMSS Honours students recently submitted their dissertations - Lia Crichton (Communications), Fleur Gabriel (Communications) and Philip Myers (Politics). They attended drinks hosted by the Head of School to celebrate their achievement on Thursday 30 October. Pictured with them are their supervisors, Dr Simon Cooper, Dr Mary Griffiths and Dr Beth Edmondson.

From L to R - Myers, Edmondson, Cooper, Crichton Griffiths, Gabriel.

Opening of the Bionics and Cognitive Science Centre -5/9/03

On Friday September 5th, the Bionics and Cognitive Science Centre at the Gippsland campus was officially opened by the Honourable Peter McGauran, Commonwealth Minister for Science. Full story and Photos

Learning First at Monash - Latrobe Valley Express - 28/8/03, Monash Memo - 3/9/03

Cognitive science looks at how people learn, so it is appropriate that the Cognitive Science degree lecturers at Monash University Gippsland plan to change their teaching method and the way their students learn. Latrobe Valley Express Monash Memo

Indonesian at Berwick - 20/8/03

Indonesian will be introduced to the Berwick Campus for the first time in 2004. The new language and culture program will be taught jointly by SAMSS and the School of Languages, Cultures & Linguistics and will be developed into a new major for the campus. Paul Thomas from SAMSS will be relocated to the Berwick Campus for student support and to develop
links with the other academic programs on the campus.

Monash Open Day 2003 - 2/8/03

Visitors to open day in traditional Indonesian costume

Peter Kerr Scholarship - 9/6/03

Margaret Simmons receives the Peter 
Kerr Scholarship

Margaret Simmons, a student in the School's Honours program, was presented with the 11th annual Peter Kerr Scholarship on the 22nd May.

The Peter Kerr scholarship is awarded annually to a School of Humanities, Communications and Social Sciences student with an outstanding academic record. Ms Simmons intends to develop her research interests in the artistic creations of African American slave women. She has a particular interest in studying the quilts the slave women created.

Peter Kerr was a member of a long established South Gippsland family. In the 1970s he lectured in Politics at the Gippsland Institute of Advanced Education. After leaving the Institute he became a speech writer for Andrew Peacock, Jeff Kennett's Chief of Staff and a member of the Business Council of Australia. At the time of his death he was Director of the Institute of Public Affairs.

Photo: Margaret Simmons receives the Peter Kerr Scholarship from the former Premier, Jeff Kennett.

Irs International Conference

In 2003, Dr Mary Griffiths, Head of Communications&Writing,SAMSS, is working as the Research Associate in the interdisciplinary Institute of Regional Studies (IRS).

As a part of her remit, she will be advancing research in the area of e-democracy and the engagement of the IRS with sustainable means of enhancing Australian democracy, through the use of new technologies. Mary will be convening the 2nd IRS international conference on 13-14 November, 2003. Call for Papers. more....

Hawkers Festival - 25/3/03

This festival was organised for SAMSS staff and international students. The idea was to get to know other countries better by tasting their food. It was an excellent effort from both international students and staff who prepared the authentic and delicious food. The eleven countries represented were Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Turkey, Pakistan, Norway, Ireland, Hungary, Greek and Australia. It was a great day indeed for sharing and tasting different international food.

International Student Welcome - 11/3/03

As part of its orientation program the School held a welcome function for all new international students on Thursday 27th February. Approximately 20 students attended the function. In his address, the Head of School, Assoc. Prof. Harry Ballis, outlined the very important role international students played in the life of the School. Prof. Ballis pointed to the excellent academic results the students had achieved and he commented on the rich contribution they had made to the social life of the School.

Shortly after Assoc. Prof. Harry Ballis had delivered his welcome address a suggestion was made that School should organise a meal for all Humcass international students. This suggestion was strongly supported by all present. Susie Rekdale volunteered to organise this function and a small committee of international students was formed to assist her. It is planned to hold the Humcass International Students' Food Feast on Tues. 25th March 2003 at 1pm at the barbecue area near the Centre for Australian Indigenous Studies.

The following photographs were taken at the Humcass International Students Welcome held on 27th February 2003. (click on an image to enlarge)

Don't lump all Muslims together - The Age - 11/1/03

Australia's Muslims are not one entity with one set of values. But they should be part of the fold, says Kamal Siddiqi. Full Story