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Premier John Brumby speaks to Monash Gippsland's Dr Louise North

Head of Journalism Dr Louise North was invited to speak at the 2010 Premier's Women's Summit on August 19. The Summit, hosted by the Victorian Premier John Brumby and Minister for Women's Affairs Maxine Morand was attended by more than 200 key stakeholders, including industry and government representatives and academics.

Louise spoke about the representation of women in the media in a global context, and suggested why women continue to be under represented, marginalised and stereotyped in the news media. Louise also discussed how female journalists experience the media environment, and how university journalism programs need to embrace education about gendered newsroom culture and news content to enable change.

Following Dr North's keynote address  at the 2010 Victorian Premier's Women's Summit in Melbourne on August 19, she spoke directly with the Victorian Premier John Brumby about a proposal to fund an important research project. The project, to investigate the status of women in the news media in Australia, received warm support and Dr North has now been asked to develop a funding proposal.

Dr North's address "Women and the media: Ideas for a more equitable future" was delivered to more than 200 delegates including the Minister for Women's Policy, Maxine Morand, government and non-government organisations, politicians, women's groups, rural women, bloggers, academics  and students.