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Congratulations Sue Whyte, PhD 'passed'

Congratulations to soon-to-be-Doctor Sue Whyte.

She received glowing reports from her PhD thesis assessors.
Congratulations also to her supervisors Karen Crinall and Margaret Somerville.

See below for a description of her project:

The possibilities of seachange: A study of urban to rural migration, self and place in Gippsland

Many studies of seachange propose that people are influenced by a narrative that portrays country places as a rural idyll. It has become an easy explanation for seachanger motivations, however, it obscures as much as it explains. It provides a limited understanding of the role of place; how a country place enables change; or how people incorporate place into their stories of self. This thesis takes explanations of seachange and country places beyond the rural idyll. Seachange opens up spaces for other ways to think and to be. Where we are influences who we can be and how we know. Seachange is about the dynamic relationship between and within stories, people and places and the meaning that is created through that relationship.