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Recently completed postgraduate projects

2011 PhD completions

Name Thesis Title / Topic Supervisor(s)
Merylin Cross Almost beyond caring: the impact of public hospital restructuring on nursing in Victoria during the 1990s Harry Ballis, Parimal Roy
Samuel Dawson Philosophical foundations of information fusion: toward a social-process paradigm Peter Murphy, Paul Atkinson
Steel, Kathryn (Kay) To the bitter end: the 1977 State Electricity Commission of Victoria maintenance workers' dispute Erik Eklund, Darryn Snell, Al Rainnie
Whyte, Susan The possibilities of seachange: a study of urban to rural migration, self and place in Gippsland Karen Crinall, Margaret Somerville

2010 completions

Name Thesis Title / Topic Supervisor(s)
Andrea Baker Internet Radio and the tertiary student Simon Cooper, Sue Yell
Chris Galloway PR and Propaganda: Full Circle, via The War on Terror Paul Atkinson, Sue Yell
Alan Harding James Pinkerton Cambell, Photographer Karen Crinall, Meredith Fletcher
Yaw Kuen Leong The discourse of negotiation: strategies employed by Malaysian business in sales negotiations Harry Ballis, Parimal Roy
Julie Levy-Williams Privatisation and the penal system Harry Ballis 
Sarah Mirams Dreams and Realities: E J Brady and Mallacoota Keith Wilson, Meredith Fletcher
Margaret Simmons Let the Children Speak - A Sociological exploration of child evacuees in Britain during the second world war Vaughan Higgins, Eva Petersen
Julie Willems At the Interface: closing the distance between the personal sphere and the impersonal computer-mediated communications in distance learning Sue Yell, Peter Murphy