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Current Postgraduate Research Topics

Australian Indigenous Studies

Student NameThesis TitleMain Supervisor
Wedrowicz, Elise Indigenous Sentencing Courts in Latrobe Valley Andrew Gunstone
McGinn, Ian Outcomes of Commonwealth Aboriginal Policy in the Northern Territory: 1911-1939. Andrew Gunstone
Velardi, Andrea What were the goals of the NT intervention and were these goals successful Andrew Gunstone


Student NameThesis TitleMain Supervisor
Barker, Richie Intelligent agents and creative process Paul Atkinson
Brear, Philippa Making waves? A rhetorical analysis of Australian asbestos activist Sue Yell
Bullock, Eileen Lorraine Constructing a communicative community through the language of popular fiction Sue Yell
Hayman, Lisa Danielle An analysis if representation in post 9/11 Hollywood Combat film Simon Cooper
Hopper, Meghan The gendered campaign: women, policy and process in Australian political journalism 1901-2010 Sue Yell
Sutherland, Karen Is the message getting through? Production, distribution and consumption of global emails in the contemporary university context Simon Cooper

Community Welfare and Counselling

Student NameThesis TitleMain Supervisor
Jones, Theresa The relationship between the practice and management of traditional medicine in the development of an 'eco-healing' model of socially and environmentally sustainable development Debra Manning
Kader, Mohammad Abdul Community participlation: prospect and problem in Bangladesh Chris Laming
Sengupta, Monimalika At risk: Chittagong Hill Tracts Women's bodies and culture Chris Laming


Student NameThesis TitleMain Supervisor
Dreher, Bronwyn Is this the policy to close the gap in indigenous health outcomes? Examining the prospects of improving the health of indigenous people in Victoria through the council of Australian governments closing the gap in indigenous disadvantage agenda Beth Edmondson
Hardy, Matt Collaboration and crisis: Wikipedia as a resource in Middle East studies Beth Edmondson
Sangale, Shibu Building the promise: Kenyan democracy and the power of the executive in the constitution, post 2007 Beth Edmondson
Strating, Rebecca Sovereignty, Justice and the Modern State Order: Formative Sites of Identity Beth Edmondson

Psychological Studies

Student NameThesis TitleMain Supervisor
Castanon, Cecilia Stephanie The effect various media types have on an adults self esteem and body image Mark Symmons
Defoe, Alexander Clinical perspectives on Out of Body experiences (OBEs) George Van Doorn
Howell, Jacqui The horizontal-vertical illusion in vision, haptics and audition Mark Symmons
McFarlane, Ruth Psychological correlates of meme compliance and meme resistance George Van Doorn


Student NameThesis TitleMain Supervisor
Choi, Kwan Participatory factors of citizen patrols in voluntary police crime preventation Harry Ballis
Chowdhury, Saber Effectiveness of democracy protection institutions in Bangladesh: A study on the Human Rights Commission of Bangladesh Harry Ballis
Earl, Peter Contested illness, social experience and recovery: a sociological analysis of long duration Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Harry Ballis
Manning, Andrew The Impact of Electronic Gaming Machines in Victoria since their introduction in 1992 from the perspective of such issues being framed as a concern for Public Health Harry Ballis
Dent, Faith Fabric-ating place story: an experimental approach to imprinting landscape and land culture Michelle Duffy
Merlino, Dean Soundlines: Naming and Navigating the Aural Soundscape Michelle Duffy
Potts, Miriam How does my relationship to place evolve through the creative process of printmaking Michelle Duffy
Savant-Mohit, Radhika Human geography Michelle Duffy
Sikder, Md Jalal Uddin Remittances, Migrant Households and Social Resilience: A Case Study of Bangladesh Harry Ballis
Chilianis, Melanie Days of our lives; exploring relations between subjectivity, discourse and materiality in a technology rich creativity sonic practice Michelle Duffy
Hlabisa, Sibongiseni Customary land administration institutions and the land reform process in the post-apartheid South africa, KwaZulu-Natal province Michelle Duffy