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Road Safety Research

Both individually and in collaboration with:

Mark Symmons has an ongoing and productive track record in a variety of road safety topics.



Developed primarily in Europe, ecodriving involves a number of driving techniques and behaviours aimed at reducing fuel consumption, including travelling at a speed that maximises engine efficiency (usually 80-90 km/h) and paying more attention to the traffic environment, particularly downstream, in order to conserve momentum and minimise stopping and starting. Such behaviours should also improve road safety, but the evidence is less certain in that regard.

Projects include:

Motorcycle safety


A variety of methods have been used in a range of projects:

A number of completed and ongoing projects relate in particular to comparisons between new, long-term, and returned riders (returned are those who had a licence and rode some time ago, then stopped riding for some years before taking it again). A range of publications have addressed this issue, as well as rider attitudes, risk-taking, crash profiles, and hazard perception.

A project newly funded by the ARC will be a significant in-depth case-control study of motorcycle crashes with a particular focus on speed and infrastructure.

Other road safety topics

Psychological Studies