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Employer testimonials


Monash Public Relations Internship program“We have established an Internship program with Monash University Public Relations Department, and have been successfully running the program over the past four semesters. We have been thrilled with the results. So far, five students have undertaken the Internship with and we are delighted that four of the students have been made permanent employees of the company, and are building successful careers with us.”

Madeleine Hanley
Relationship Manager



“Tayler was an absolute pleasure to have and I hope the experience was worthwhile for her. I would be happy to work with Monash on your internships program again.”

Tamara DiMattina
Trumpet PR & Marketing



“It was an absolute delight to have Bettina. I have worked across both advertising agencies and now marketing for charities in a second career, I haven’t seen a more capable student in a long time. If she is indicative of the people you are graduating this is of great credit to Monash and the individuals.”

Amanda Smith
Marketing and Fundraising Manager
Lighthouse Foundation



“Ditto to what Amanda said about Bettina. She was a brilliant asset to the team here at Lighthouse.”

Jordi Kraus
Fundraising and Communications
Lighthouse Foundation



“It was our pleasure to have Bree with us, she was a great help! We would love to be listed as an official provider and partner for internships. They are a critical part of our day-to-day business and a fantastic resource to have.”

Spice & Soul
Marketing & Public Relations



“Having Kaitlyn working at Ardoch was a wonderful experience. She had an incredible eye for detail and assisted with the development of some of our major publications which she should feel extremely proud of. It was great to have another pair of hands working in the marketing department and it was a very rewarding experience for us. I hope that she can takes the experience she had at Ardoch onto her future endeavours.”

Rebecca Howard
Marketing Communications Coordinator
Ardoch Youth Foundation