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PR units taught

ATS1356 Public Relations Writing

This unit introduces students to the principles and processes involved in preparing publishable media releases, newsletters, speeches, fact sheets and brochures. It also covers writing for diverse audiences, writing for promotional and persuasive purposes, and writing for different media and production environments. 

ATS1897 Public Relations Principles and Practice

The primary aim of this unit is to introduce students to the range and depth of contemporary theory and practice of public relations in an organisational setting. Applications of stakeholder theory and communication theory, and the contributions which public relations can make to an organisation's performance are also covered. 

ATS1277 Media Studies

This unit provides students with an introduction to techniques for describing and analysing the production, distribution and reception, as well as the formal properties, of media texts. It focuses on mass media as a set of relationships between owners, producers, texts and audiences. The areas of study include: news production, textual analysis, media ownership and diversity, film and sport. 

ATS2814 Publicity and Promotion

One of the most visible forms of communication is publicity. This unit provides the guidelines for generating effective publicity and media liaison. The unit also strives to demonstrate the growing importance of integrating the many promotional components such as advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, publicity and public relations, to achieve a unified promotional campaign. 

ATS2815 Crisis and Risk Communication

The dynamics of issue management, risk communication and crisis management in internal and external environments are analysed in this unit. Learn how to assess stakeholder views and values, both for strategic planning and campaign evaluation purposes. Also discussed is how communication technologies can enable and in some cases impede communication management. 

ATS2918 Online Public Relations

This unit is designed to provide students with the knowledge, understanding, skills and experience in applying new media technologies to public relations. Students are introduced to the developments in new media technologies, and shown how these are applied towards enhancing public relations efforts. Students will learn how new media technologies are used by PR professionals to develop online strategies, such as building personal or company profiles, expanding existing networks, communicating  more effectively with key publics, gaining media attention, managing online reputations and attracting sponsorship. 

ATS3837 Public Relations Consulting

This unit covers both the operation of public relations consultancies and the consultative approach necessary within organisations. Students will: Learn the skills necessary to become effective consultants; be expose to the PR consulting business; learn how PR consultants apply their skills to commercial, political and not-for-profit organisations. 

ATS3838 Public Relations Campaigns

This unit will provide students with opportunity to apply and extend their knowledge of public relation theory and practice by initiating and developing a Public Relations campaign. The unit is designed is designed to provide students with hands-on experience of designing a real-life campaign. Hence, students will be required to use a combination of communications mediums and technologies, including social media, formal presentations, events and initiatives, and other means to get their message out. 

ATS3839 Public Relations Internship

The internship provides final year students with the opportunity to integrate theory with practice. They gain first-hand experience working in public relations in an area in which they would like to be employed.

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